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charlotte (yesnomaybe) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 19:49:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:eastenders theme tune!

    evil evilness
    ah! ok, guys, you wont understand, but periods are evil. i might have to go on the pill cos mine os so bad. anyway! kristina is now going out with talal, magalis boyfriends best friend! hee hee
    im not jealous at all. i was thinking, yeah i would like a boyfriend, but im not gonna be all like "i hate kris cos she has one" talals ok, i dont think we get on very well though! oh well, ill get over it.
    i was very happy in science today, cos we were talking and lewis (who has decided he wants to be called louis!) asked me and chloe who we would change bodys and places with in this school. i said i would change with chloe as she had great legs, and she said me as she wants my bum! i have NEVER liked my bum, but that made me all...yay!
    i am getting on with everyone really well at the moment, and although yesterday i was almost bursting into tears, i am in a generally happy mood!
    i love pe at the moment! its soo fun cos we ae doing basketball and gymnastics at the moment, and i love doing both of them! plus, we are inside the sports hall at the moment, which is so much better as it is cold outside :(
    comment if you feel like it!xx

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