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The Knave (knave_13) wrote,

    i dont know if you wanted me to fill this out but it sounds like fun to do so i will. (in two sections, its too long)

    1) Last dream: A really creepy one...i dont remember it all but i had a WW2 Colt gun.
    2) Last car ride: joyride? never :( last car ride - this morning.
    3) Last kiss: i dont even remember - awhile ago
    4) Last good cry: emotional? when i was seven, or something. From pain, last month
    6) Last movie seen: School Of Rock
    7) Last Book Read: Sheba (nazi novel)
    9) Last beverage drank: water
    10)Last Food consumed: wafer cookies
    12) Last phone call: i hate the phone
    13) Last TV show watched: jackass
    14) Last Item Bought: lunch
    15) Last time showered: this morning
    16) Last shoes worn: my regular black DC's
    17) Last CD played: Stiff Upper Lip - AC/DC
    18) Last downloaded: Enter Sandman - Metallica
    19) Last annoyance: Little sister. just now
    20) Last disappointment: LIFE is a dissappointment, you just have to choose to not care
    21) Last soda drank: coke
    22) Last thing written: uhh ^coke? Other than that, the script for an animation
    23) Last key used: housekey
    24) Last word spoken: okay
    25) Last trip to the bathroom: haha five minutes ago
    26) Last sleep: during history
    27) Last IM: goodnight - cass and lexus
    28) Last sexual fantasy: i denno
    30) Last weird encounter: talking to liam
    31) Last Store Shopped at: i hate shopping. Hmm. Dollarama
    32) Last ice cream eaten: vanilla with sprinkles
    33) Last time amused: i'm always amused
    34) Last time wanting to die: AGES ago
    35) Last time in love: its hard to tell sometimes
    36) Last time hugged: uh... lisa, lunchtime
    37) Last time scolded: last nigt
    38) Last time resentful: who knows
    39) Last chair sat in: the one i'm in now, burgandy velvet
    40) Last lipstick used: uhh none? ever?
    41) Last underwear worn: uhh my boxers that are on now?
    42) Last bra worn: never
    43) Last shirt worn: my only sweatshirt
    44) Last class attended: history
    45) Last Final taken: science
    46) Last time dancing: does randomly moonwalking in the hall count? if so, today
    47) Last poster looked at: advertisement
    48) Last concert attended: SARSstock (AC/DC)
    49) Last webpage visited: this one

    -- shoes
    -- pants
    -- watch
    -- hat
    -- lucky gutiar pick
    -- socks
    -- sweater
    -- t-shirt
    -- boxers

    -- school of rock
    -- matrix
    -- matrix reloaded
    -- nothing else was worth more than once

    -- lucky pick
    -- guitar
    -- bass
    -- keyboard
    -- piano
    -- computer

    -- pizza
    -- ice cream
    -- eggs
    -- pasta

    [ 2 THiNGS YOU FEAR M0ST ]
    -- failure
    -- living forever

    x. my father thinks I am: disrespectfull
    x. my mother thinks I am: an idiot (shes right too :P)
    x. my sister thinks I am: cool
    x. my brother thinks I am: i dont have one so: my little sister thinks i am: a jerk
    x. my grandma thinks I am: nice
    x. my best guy friend thinks I am: too open to physical risks
    x. my best girl friend thinks I am: funny

    x. your three best qualities- i dont know, i dont really like myself but i can live with that
    x. three worst qualities- low self confidence. all around
    x. you get embarrassed when- my mean jokes backfire
    x. makes you happy when- i show up some jerkass i hate
    x. upsets you- everything

    yes or no...
    x. you keep a diary- sorta - its more of a place to complain about things that suck
    x. you like to cook- certain stuff
    x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone- i did but aniruddh got it out of me
    x. you fold your underwear- cant be bothered
    x. you talk in your sleep - nope
    x. you set your watch ahead- nope
    x. you bite your fingernails - nope
    x. you believe in love- yes

    x. movie you rented- i dont rent my sister brings em home for free :P (superman 2, anyways)
    x. movie you bought- uhh i denno
    x. song you listened to- whole lotta love - led zep
    x. song that was stuck in your head- shoe shine - jazzberry ram
    x. song you've downloaded- enter sandman
    x. cd you bought- uhh audioslave just cause of tom morello (what an awesome guitarist)
    x. cd you listened to- my burnt one
    x. person you've called- i dont like the phone.
    x. person that's called you- no one ever calls me
    x. tv show you've watched- we covered this
    x. person you were thinking of- chelsea, she and i got in a fight

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