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°°§üþë®°Må®ïø°° (xxxgirlfixerxxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 23:07:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Friends-Bigwig

    I want him in my pants...TWICE!! lol!!
    Hey Guys...

    hmm..not much has been going on except planning for Fridays Show right Courtney!! lmao!! we're gonna have sooooooooooo much fun..IN MY sorry i yell that out a lot lmao!! hmm...yea soo uhh Peter is goes to my was alright i guess frig the first day i DONT skip Math and we have a friggin test i was like you have got to be kiddin me lmao!! meh what can you do? we had an assembly as well DAMN MOTIVATION lol eh courtney!! haha!! Kyle called his mom in front of the WHOLE school to tell her he loves her yes we had tears in our eyes..its hot when a guy does that ecspecially Kyle lmao!! meh what a boring day except for the hot skaters today at the tennis court for that commercial thing eh

    yea you guys are probably wondering who courtney is..well shes my friend from school I LOVE YOU lol fuckin motivate this bitch lol..anyway shes the only one i will let read this out of my group of friends at school and we have our "lil jokes" haha!!so thats why i talk to her a lot on here lmao cuz im a loser and have nothing better to do!!

    im really upset that Kaitlin isnt commin down i wish she could..I LOVE YOU KAITLIN!! YOUR MY BESTFRIEND YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!

    well im out like a light im a lil sleepy lol!!

    Later Guys!!

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