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~**...T~Envy...**~ (xxuluv2h8mexx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 13:32:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:"Deliverance"~Bubba Sparxxx

    ::blah:: Startin over...
    Aight. So this is my new journal...*woo woo*. Don't have anything to say right about now. Nothin much has happened...Adam might get outta jail tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him and maybe even see him since its been so damn long. He's called but I haven't been able to accept the collect calls from jail so I've just talked to his Mom and gave her lil messages to give to him :)
    ...Ummm...Got 1st place in the whole school for one of my photos I entered into Reflections...Now it goes to the next level (not sure if that level is County or State...)-I find out all the stuff at the reception on the 31st, I'm guessing.
    Theres been drama as usual...People who don't know me running their mouth, thinking that anything I say refers to them. Hmm. How bout "NO". I don't care-I think it's cute that I have a lil fan base and some people center their lives around me...
    I don't think they know just how sad they are when they check my damn Away messages constantly all the while I never even knew their s/n...!!!
    But anyways. I miss a certain person. But I need to push myself to get over him. It's a new year, and I'm trying to start a new life.
    Exams start Tuesday. God DAMMIT.
    We're off Monday, and it's SUPPOSED to snow/ice that night. I doubt it but I REALLY hope so.
    ...Photog. is doin good-been gettin A's on all my projects...We started Bromoil yesterday and mine didn't really come out because I accidentally put too much ink on it. But that's ok-it was just a practice/learning experience. I just went ahead and threw it away...Then about 10 minutes later I got bored and decided to take it out of the trash (it was on TOP, so it's ok!) and re-wet it so I could get some of the excess ink off. I didn't like it even after that, but Mr.Z said it looked "awesome" and the other girls in class kept saying how much they liked it.
    Okkkk then. :)
    Other classes are decent I guess. Alg2 and English suck. Go wayyy to fast and have wayyyy to much work.
    Well, I have nothing left to say that I can think of right now.
    Imma try to update more than I did in the past. Seeing as how I missed over 2 months of posting in my old journal. Whatever. Sometimes I just DON'T feel like having to remember certain things.

    I wish I could forget a lot.
    But right now, that seems impossible.


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