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-Would YoU BuRy me? (xxtotheendxx) wrote,
@ 2005-01-05 22:06:00
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    Current mood:energetic
    Current music:Story of the year-anthem of our dying day

    fun today!
    well today school was fun so much stuff happened that was halarious but i cant even remember. but after school me kendra and kyle watched whit chicks which if u havent watched u gotta watch it and then after we hung out at the center till like 8. i came home and read 3 chapters for english and now im here. But the other day me and kristen and mel and tiffany and a bunch the rest of the girls in my gym class played european handball and it was so much fun and i felt bad cuz these three girls crowded over me and ur not suppose to run and i pushed through and hit em cuz i thought i was in rugby..oops lol but i hope we dont have school tom. and i do bc i wanna get rid of that day in our schedule cuz i hate day 1 but i dont want it so i can just hang at the house..and sleep. Well me and mels plans of going to the concert together got ruined so im goin with kendra and maybe heather..idk yet..well im off to bed and go listen to sum blink ill ttyl muah*

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