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Jocelynne (xxtigereyezxx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 22:16:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Evanescence-"My Immortal"

    "Word's can't bring me down, So don't you bring me down today"
    I was thinking about you today and I miss you. I miss the feeling of being held in your arms, so close I can feel you Heart beating, the feeling of my little hand in yours, the feeling of your tight grasp when we had to let go, the late night phone calls, the long talks, and the feeling of love. I loved you and you never knew it. I fucked up again. I let you go and now all I have to remember you by are the torn images lost in my head. "I love you" is a just a phrase, powerfull, but over used. You said it to me all the time, and not once, did I say it back. But I thought it, I swear to you, you are the one. I really thought we would make it, together forever, I guess, I was wrong. The words keep ringing in my ears "He doesn't want to go out with you anymore" over and over and then I fell to the ground. And when I woke up you were their, asking if I was ok and I thought it was just a dream. But then it hit me, it was over, we.....we're over. I'm sorry, I am so sorry, And now I hate myself more for you. I miss you and I love you, Please come back.....

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