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Down With The Sickness (xxstirofechosxx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-21 23:35:00
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    Current mood:Skippy

    Through These Eyes
    I Am Told I Have A Beautiful Mind. But Now That I Stop And Think About It, Parts Of It Are Beautiful, Others Are Not. A Lot Of Things About Me Are Beautiful.....My Scars. My Scars Are Beautiful. Every Engraved Line Into My Flesh That Was Once Flowing With A Vibrant Red Liquid. Scars Of Death, Pain, Longing, Hate, Misery, And Suicide, Anything Disturbing And Mind-Numbing. So Much Hate. So Much Unbearable Hate.

    I Base My Life Between These Pale Blue College-Ruled Lines. There Is So Much More To Reveal About Myself....So Much More. I Write And Draw. I Breathe An Swallow. I Scream And Bleed. I Pray And Hope. I Sleep And Cry. I Am Malnourished And Ready To Fall.

    And In My Mind I See Myself In A Room Full Of People, Standing Wall To Wall. And As I Bang My Fists An Scream At The Top Of My Lungs I Ask Myself....."Why No One Else Is Trying To Escape???" Except For You.....You're Standing There.....Across From Me.....You're Skin The Color Of Paper......And You're Eyes The Color Of Bruises. I Want You To Help Me. You And Only You. But Then In The Rush Of Screams And Pain I Realize Something....You're An Inspiration For The Way That I Will Never Choose To Be.....

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