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Down With The Sickness (xxstirofechosxx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-14 12:54:00
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    Current mood:Loving

    101 Reasons WhyI Love You
    101 Reasons Why I Love You

    1. When We're Together, Then Sun Seems To Have One Of Those Happy Faces Drawn On It

    2. Because Sometimes You Seem To Be Able To Read My Mind! ( You Knew I Was Going To Say That Right??)

    3. You'd Rather Hold Me Than The Remote Control

    4. We Agree On The Toilet Seat Thing

    5. You Still Think There's A Chance That Elvis Might Show Up

    6. Because, Like An Ice-Cold, Refreshing Drink, On The Hottest Day of The Summer, You Make Me Go Ahhhhhhhhh......

    7. You're Not A Whiner

    8. You Know How To Kiss And Make It Better

    9. You Ring My Chimes, Shake My Tree, And Knock My Socks Off!

    10. Your Idea Of "Sweet Nothings" Are Really Something

    11. You Don't Drive For Miles With Your Turn Signal On

    12. Cuz You Ear Lobes Are Just So Nibblicious

    13. You Never Give Me Practical Gifts

    14. You're A 24 Hour Hug Machine

    15. We Speak The Same Body Language

    16. Even When I'm Grumpy, You Still Think I'm Cute

    17. If You Saw My 8th Grade Picture, You Probably Wouldn't Laugh, TOO Hard!

    18. You'd Tell Me If I Had A Glob Of Salad Dressing on The End of My Nose

    19. You're So Good At Making Up Words To Songs That Have The Hard-To-Understand Lyrics

    20. You're Not A Snob About Fast Food

    21. I've Seen You Get A little Misty-Eyed Just From Watching A Commercial

    22. Cuddling Is One Of Your Favorite Sports

    23. The Way Your Eyes Light Up At The Mere Mention Of "Pan Pizza"

    24. You Appreciate French Fires That Are Done Just Right

    25. You Feel A Little Bad When You Have To Squish A Bug

    26. You Don't Make Spelling Corrections On The Little Notes I Leave You

    27.You At Least ACT Interested About Some Weird Dream I Had

    28. You Don't Think Sky Diving Is Necessary

    29. You Still Love Cartoons

    30. Give Me 101 Reasons Why I Shouldn't

    31. If You Didn't Like Trees So Much, you'd Carve Our Initials In One

    32. You Get Nostalgic Passing A Play Ground During Recess

    33. You Make The Whole Ordeal Of Waiting In A Long Line Bearable

    34. When WE Split A Candy Bar, You Always Offer Me The Bigger Half

    35. You Find It Hard To Resist Writing "WASH ME" On Dirty Cars With Your Finger

    36. NOBODY Can Tell A Knock-Knock Joke The Way You Do

    37. You Don't Hang Up On My Answering Machine

    38. You Get Just As Annoyed AS I do With Those Little Subscription Cards That Fall Out Of Magazines

    39. You're Not Squeamish About Taking A Slobbery Ball Out Of A Dogs Mouth And Throwing It For Him, Over And Over And Over Again

    40. Cuz On My Scale Of 10, You're A 20!

    41. You'd Never Run While Holding A Pair Of Scissors

    42. Because You Put The "Snap" And "Crackle" In My "Pop"

    43. You're Incredibly Cute....Coming And Going....

    44. The Way You Love To Sing Along With The Radio.

    45. The Cute Milk Mustaches You Get

    46. You've Got That Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi" Whatever THAT Is!!

    47. There's No One I'd Rather Be Around, Even When I Don't Want To Be Around Anyone!

    48. You're A World Class Back Stracher!

    49. DESTINY!

    50. You Pretend Not To Notice My Bad Hair Days

    51. You'd Never Hang Up On My Mom

    52. Cuz You're So Much Like Me! (Scary, Isn't It!)

    53. You Can Say, "I Love You" Without Stammering

    54. You've Never Once Called Me Your Wittle Snooky Wookums

    55. You like To Be Spontaneous Once.......elihwa in (in awhile)

    56. You Like To Honk At Cows

    57. I'll Show You Later

    58. That Mischievous Look You Get On Your Face When You've Done Something Naughty

    59. You Secretly Love To Read The Headlines Of Supermarket Tabloids

    60. The "Little Kid" IN You Can Always Manage To Bring Out The "Little Kid" In Me

    61. Because Of How Sweet And Innocent You Look When You're Sleeping

    62. You're So Good At "Footsies"

    63. When You See That Sign That Says "WET PAINT" You're Really Tempted To Touch it...Just To Make Sure

    64. You Don't Hog The Covers

    65. We Both Think Extra Cheese Is A Necessary Pizza Ingredient

    66. They Way You Say My Name

    67. 3 Words: Lips, Lips, LIPS!

    68. You've Got Me Right Where I Want Me

    69. You Can Give My Goose Bumps Goose Bumps

    70. You've Taken The Place Of My Teddy Bear

    71. You Don't Take Those Magazine Compatibility Quizzes Seriously. Do You?

    72. When We Watch A Movie You Laugh At The Same Places I Do!

    73. You Know WHEN To Stop Kidding Me

    74. There's No One I'd Rather Be With At Twilight On A Cobbled Street In Paris.

    75. Cuz You Got It All And You Know What To Do With It

    76. You Don't Mind If I Sing Off-Key....Much

    77. If I Got A Job In Timbuktu, you'd Go There With Me

    78. After You Ask, ' How Was your Day" you Actually Listen

    79. Sometimes You Let ME Have The Remote Control

    80. You Love Me for More Than Just My Body.

    81. We Have The Same Opinion About Certain Family Members

    82. No One Has A Better Shoulder To Cry On

    83. I Can't Finish A Crossword Puzzle Without You

    84. You're Willing To Go To My Class Reunion

    85. We Liked The Same TV Shows When We Were Kids

    86. The Way You Touch Me You-Know Where.

    87. Just Because.

    88. You'll make The Phone Calls I Don't Want To.

    89. You Remember To Check The Oil

    90. The Way You Worry About Me

    91. You Look So Cute When You're Sweaty

    92. You'll Go To My Kind Of Movie...Just To Keep Me Company

    93. You've Been Featured In My Very Best Dreams

    94. You Don't Say "I Told You So" (Well Most Of The Time)

    95. You're Better For Me Than A Multivitamin

    96. If I feel Down, You'd Only Laugh AFTER You Found Out I Wasn't Hurt

    97. You Know How To Say, "I'm Sorry"

    98. I'd Rather Talk To You Than Watch Television....Usually

    99. You'd Never Want Us To Get Matching Tattos

    100. You Only Sneak Good Stuff Into The Grocery Cart.

    101. Because Everyday You Give Me Even More Reasons To Love You And You Always Will.

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