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Down With The Sickness (xxstirofechosxx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-12 17:19:00
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    Current mood:lonely

    So What.....
    So What

    So What If I Taste The Infection In The Back Of my Throat When I Cough. So What If My Skin Is Deathly White. And So What If I Take 1000 mg Of Anti-histamnines, Just TO Render My Half-conscious For Hours On End, Just To Avoid Feeling Things....

    So What If I Don't Eat Enough. So What If I Cry Myself To Sleep Every Night. So What If I Didn't Wear Underwear Today. So What If The Temperature Was Below Freezing....

    So What If I'll Do Anything To Make People Happy. So What If I'm Easy. So What Id Pain Isn't Uncomfortable. So What If Scars Are Beautiful. So What If The Stars Are Beautiful, As Well. So What If I Know What Rope Burns Feel Like. So What If I Remember What Kind Of Bruises Handcuffs Make....

    So What If I Lay Awake At Night, And Dream Of Something Better. So What If I Recall The Romantic Idea Of Watching The Stars With Someone Whom I Adore, Wrists And Bodies Bleeding From Razor Wounds....

    So What If I Think You Hate Me. So What If You Don't Return My Calls {Idontcareireallydont}. So What If All I Can Do Is Sin, And Sin Well, At That. So What If I have No Past, No Present, No Future. So What If I'm A Fucking Melodramatic....

    So What If You Can't Stand Me. So What If I Would Cut Myself Because Of All The Things I Regret. So What If Finally, I'm Teaching Myself Never To Regret Things. So What If I Have Money. So What If I'm Unhealthy. So What If People Are Drawn To Me. So What If I Can't Help Being Nice To Everyone....

    So What If I'm Easily Controlled. So What If I'm Submissive. So What If I'm Drawn To Destructive Situations. So What If I Just Want To Feel Special. So What If I Want To Know People Write Poetry About Me....

    So What If I'm Starting To Burn Away Again. So What If Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive. So What If I Miss You....

    So What.....

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