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Stephie (xxstephiepooxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 18:14:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Forgot About Dre- Eminem and Dr.Dre dreaming...
    Tomorrow Alex goes in for his surgery on his shoulder :-(. I hope everything goes alrite. Hes been my best friend since 8th grade, hes like my bro. But ne way today i watched Alex (the girl) @ cheering try outs, she made it!! GO VARSITY GRAY SQUAD !! I'll def be goin 2 all of their games. Im so mad my parents wouldnt let me try out b/c i got a D in history. It makes no sense, i asked my dad if i got a D next term if he wouldnt let me play softball and he said "no u would still b able 2 play softball" so basically he is contradicting himself and that pisses me off. Virginia went back to Stonehill today..she doesnt come home until Christmas vaca :-(. I still have 2 buy gifts for her, robert, nana&grandpa, alex X2, max, rob and my aunt&uncle!!!!!! this is almost impossible, christmas is in 24 days! *i think i might need 2 use my creativeness* haha. im talking to Stotik online now, hes soo funny aw. Im also talking to Jay his away message said "im a poet and i didnt even kno it" haha, he wrote a poem that got picked 2 b published and he has a chance 2 win sum $, which is awesome. *~good luck jay~*

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