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~*Kc*~ (xxsimplysweetxx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 20:13:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:~Simple Plan~

    **Double Ouch**
    U Guys 2 dai was one full uv pain...u c i was all good in tha morning, i wke up n went oun did sum errans with muh mom but wen i got bak from muh iends houze afta i droped off sum stuff i got these painful stinging sensations...I was burning like crazi i couldnt take it, it was so over whelming, i guess i wasnt as strong as i thought...well i sat in tha bath n it felt good cauze tha cold water but i had 2 get out, i was goin crazi n yellin n cring cauze it was tha worst pain i ever went through, i kno there are people n kids who go through worse but they r all strong, muh grandmom put tea on muh tummi cauze thas where it hurt tha worst its weird cauze muh bak was burnt as much but i had pain on muh stomach, it kinda helped but i kept geting surges of pain makin me groan shoot up, i must uv looked lyke i was havin an orgasm, but not a good uv major pain...well later muh grandpop came home with this spray crap n it stung n i was tossin n turnin fr lyke an hour but it actually worked, well i still sting n burn a lil but im not in much pain, i can take it...well n e way thas all i gots ta say..buh bye***KC

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