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Shleto Mikatosis (xxsillymoonxx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 13:54:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:atomic kitten - Tide is high

    why does this happen to me?
    well i just got off the phone with chris mastos....and steph seems to think that he likes me over her but i kno thats not the truth. even if she doesn't believe me. we're goin to michigan tomorrow night and we're gonna have a great time up there.....
    i talked to ryan last night after i couldn't fall asleep and now i'm much more comfortable with our current situtation bcuz at least i kno that everything will most likely work out for us! thats all i really care about right now that we work out everything and are back together at the end of July. i'll miss him so much these next few weeks but i'll just have sumthin to look forward to at the end.
    So i have nothing to do today...i'm supposed to be doin my chores but i'm kind of avoiding it. i have cheer at 5 with steph and then my aunt and cuzins are comin over but i don't have to stick around.... i hope someone calls me to do sumthin! i also gotta start packing for TR. its gonna be awesome! well i better start on those chores now before i get in trouble!

    ~ Shleto

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