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Shleto Mikatosis (xxsillymoonxx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 14:35:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Do ThAt - BaBy ft. P DiDdY

    um may i just say that TR was so amazing!! it was soooo fun! ::cheap things bleed kinda like me:: lol steph and all the TR guys! since i had my boating license it was a good time and we just went around jumping waves where steph eventually ended up on the floor ::yelling and screaming:: haha it was so funny! so i wakeboarded but it was too wavy so i couldn't try to jump the wake again.... i fell a few times going over some big waves but no big! next time i come up... i'm gonna do it! steph also got up for like 15 secs!!! yay!! ::rain cloud:: lol steph! i also tried my tumbling on the grass and got my standing back tuck and my full!! yay! coach will be happy.... but i also pulled my left ab muscle...ouch! last night was funny ::shower and crawlspace:: lol jeff, aaron, and steph! maybe thats not such a good idea lol.... or maybe we should just take a shower! haha! o yea and danny decided to soak the boat and ruin my phone...but its ok i'm gettin my new nokia tomorrow...same number!! so i have cheerleading practice today and i'm so worn out from this week that i hope i don't just fall over lol.... coach will not be seeing any of that tumbling today! we leave for camp on friday ....hopefully it'll be fun! well i think i'm gonna go lay down and watch tv or sumthin cuz i am TIRED!

    ~ Shleto

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