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kailey numéro trois (xxscreamo) wrote,
@ 2004-08-08 01:45:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:the planet smashers - super orgy porno party

    ahoy joe!
    so this is my first time posting in my new journal. wow this is so fun. i enjoy this... i'm such a loser haha. well, tonight i went to nikita's with jordana and matt. yeah it was pretty fun... lol jordana isn't so bad, i don't know. i guess it just bugs me when i see her all over a lot of guys but i don't know who isn't like that these days... lol i guess i can be like that too sometimes. i just miss the old jordana... but yeah today i hung out with nikita and colin. lol nikita is a funny chick! and not as emo as i thought lol..."it's a can...dle." -nikita hahaha "she doesn't jack off right!... *grabs phone*" -anonymous... lol uh yeah tonight was fun! i was pretty pyro today! i blew up 4 eggs, one chicken ball and burnt my hand in 2 different places! lol so tonight was fun! oh... the cab ride home was pretty funny too. every other word that the cab driver said was "fuck" and he asked me if i knew where he could get 5 grams of weed! lol i'm like "uh... ya... at my house!" lol according to him i'm a "fucking party animal" lol wow... he's awesome! hehe well that's all for tonight. laters.

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