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Pete Thomas (xxsatanicxx) wrote,
@ 2005-08-27 12:06:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:Arch Enemy-Nemesis

    Long time since i've updated on this thing. Forgot i even had a blurty...heh. ALOT of shit has happened recently, idk, really not havin the greatest time of my life i guess you could say. That's the way it goes tho i guess. I'm jus hopin things will get better. On the bright side, i'm goin golfin w/ my pa and Uncle Dave today. I can at least look forward to that. Stupid fucking shift today tho!!! 8pm-12pm. UGH!! What a fuckin way to ruin a Saturday night. And....still waiting on my Food Stamps to get activated. Man that will help me a ton. I'll actually be able to afford a phone, and it will be a little easier to pay the bills. God i can't wait to October, when i can get my G.E.D. and hopefully land a good job. I have a good chance at Alcoa if they are hiring. My whole family practically works there! And my pop "the godfather" will have a say i'm sure. Lol. Went to Uncle Mike's last night. Not much went on....most peeps left when i got there. But i played a little beirut. Beat Mike one on one, once again made double cup redemption. After everyone left it was jus me Mike, and BW. We jus chatted about God, Life, and what we believe and shit, kinda weird but alot of diff. opinions, and man can a bowl open up your mind. Got us all thinkin about our purpose here. In that aspect i guess im still confused as hell!!! I'll figure it out someday...i hope. Well i'm done ranting....stay (sic)

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