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QuEeN bItCh (xxqueenbitchxx) wrote,
@ 2004-07-24 10:19:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:~*allyah~ age aint nothin but a numba*~

    yestaday was so sad.. it started wit me and bekki haeing ot get up at fuckin 6:30 so she could get her braces and it took so0o0o0o0o looooooooooooooooooooooong then we came bak and got ready to go to vicky and joes going away party. we were 3 fuckin hours late cuz of her mom and wen we got there the only ppl who were there were jenny! nicole tj vick bekkie joe robin and todd.. and my lil man tyler!! but jenny nikki tj and vicky were really fucked up lol and were all laying on nikkies futon half passed out it was so0o0o funni and since me bekki and bekkie arent talkin cuz of bekkies friends who she has to act like a bitch around she brought todd made me and bekki even more madd. u dont bring ur boifriend to ur father and sisters going away party! thats one of the most disrespectful things ive ever seen . joe has been more of my father then my own and vickys been like my older sister and bekkie goes and pulls that shit! thats disrespectful so her mom got the hint and we left i gave joe and vicky hugs and wanted to cry so bad but i didnt i gave joe the note i wrote vicky and told him to give it to her in the morning and left. in the car i was bawling me and bekki had so many mixed emotions about everything it wasnt even funni so it just all came out. but the worst part is vicky didnt even invite my brother! theve known each other forever and she didnt invite him cuz dons jelious and doesnt like him even tho he wasnt even there so i was like vicky wats ur problem why dont you want to say goodbye to one of your best friends? dont not say goodbye just because of don! jeasus but w/e.. im really gonan miss big papa and vicky so0o much hopefully everythings gonna work out in nebraska for them and ill see them at christmas time!


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