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QuEeN bItCh (xxqueenbitchxx) wrote,
@ 2004-07-17 04:01:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:*~lloyd & ashanti south side*~/ bekkis mix cd

    ~friday and today~
    at my luv bekkis house!!! eatin noodles!! lol damn yesterdya was fun lol me and bekki went to the movies and saw 3/4 of white chicks lol {half way through the movie me and bekkis ADD kicked in and we went to mickey ds and skipped around the outside of the movie thearter to annoy jaime!! lol after that jaime let us back in SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! dont tell roger lol ne ways then we left the movies to wait for her mommie to pick us up and we were walkin around the parkin lot and these 2 boys were like lets juss go talk to these 2 fine ladies and we were like uhhhh.... no and they followed us around the parkin lot yellin shit to us and then they were like can u please stop so we did and of course they were U.G.L.Y like always lol and they were like to me do u gotta b/f and i was like ya and walked away and they were like did i say u can move and i was like please lol then her mommie can and dropped us off at the house so we were bored and we walked bak to the movies from her house like idiots in the dark o well we juss got suttin to drink an waited for jaime to get off of work so we can get a ride from his mommie {our almost aunt} lol and wen she came sean plude and louie were on theire bikes and robin was fuckin around wit them it was madd funni and then they got in the car and wen she dropped us off louie was like bye beautiful ladies it was funni her brother was home and was ""trashed" and was actin madd funni then me and her stole like 4 cigs from him but it was fun then her mommie came home and we went to sleep....

    today:~bumbs eatin instant lunch lol

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