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Shannon (xxpureevilxx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 14:03:00
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    I forgot again...
    oops, ok but here's what happened yesturday. I woke up got matt ready and on his way. then went down stairs to clean my room but I was really tired so it only got half done, and I took a nap. then I woke up, sat around for a while and then dan and I went to my moms for a while, then he left and I stayed there to visit. then some people came over and we talked and I cut my brothers hair cause it was gettin really long. but then I came home. when I got here I had to feed all the animals. first I fed the cats, that went ok, except that kitters wouldn't eat her food. then I fed the rabbit and rat, that was fine. then I fed rowdy, I accidently grabbed the cat food and gave it to him. but he still ate it. then the fun part, I had to go feed bear. OMG, never again. I went out there and he was all barkin and jumpin around even after I yelled at him and told him it was ok. so I went inside to see if meghan would feed him cause he was jumpin on me and knockin me over. so she did, and I helped her so she knew what to do. uh, that sucked though. then we sat around and then a little later decided to go get dana and then go over to dans. we sat there for awhile, and then cam home, and I went to bed. then matt got home a little after 6 and I woke up and we talked for a while and then we went to sleep. I couldn't sleep well though, I kept wakin up from really fucked up dreams. but oh well. k, gotta go now. *Shannon*

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