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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 08:28:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:AFI - Girls not Grey

    im going to sydney in a few hrs wooooo hooooo
    anyway.. the formal was on saturday and photos from then can be found here the night was pretty decent. Jo and my dresses were completely different haha.. we all had to go onstage and get some booklet and contained within this booklet was our crappy school magazine haha and the first student profile was mine arrrrgh haha i had the most stupid answers eg : what was the biggest thing you did in your high school years? saved the world and what was you most memorable experience? this one rainy night in the woods, it was a warm night, the moonlight shinning through the trees and so on....haha ehhh..
    Pretty much everyone in our year were getting along and being really nice so that was what made the evening really good. Jess got her bag stolen!! but found it again minus then money.. damn thiefs..
    The formal ended at like 11:30 and thats when we all piled onto the bus and went out to broulee for the after party.. vaughan was vomiting on the bus it was so foul!!
    meh yeah we stayed at the after party for a few hrs but i started to feel sick again so we came home and eventually got to bed at around 4ish. party on.

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