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Tati (xxlilsurferxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 13:12:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:my new brintey spears cd .. song toxic!

    SwEet 16!
    wow this birthday rocked ! lol .... im 16 by the way lol ... hehe . well me, sarah,lauren, tara, michi, hann, and of coasrse dallas! ... we went to see gothica! the movie was soo good... scary!! lauren was screaming! .. there was a black kid in front of us and he was so scared he freakin jumped out ofhis seat rite into the isle lol ahhah that was halarious! ... oo0o0o aNd GuESS what! .. SARAH AND TARA GOT ME THE BRITNEY SPEARS CD!! WOO HOO AND CUTE KEY CHAINS! hehe ... i was freakin out i was soooooooo happy....common its britney! lol after the movies.. we went to sarahs to camp out! hehe well wen we got there sarah had made me a brownie cake lol yummm.. it was yumbular! lol .. we then after the cake we went on the ridge "its like a mandatory custom"wen u sleep at sarahs! lol its a must.. this time we actually made it ! because we had a guy with us"craig"yes craig i finally hung out with him!! woop woop lol ... u guys i didnt get my birthday kiss! lol damn shame ... o well maybe next time ... lol lauren left early caues she felt sick aww my poor baby... but otay.. oo and the whole camping out thing .. well me and lil dallas were the only true survivors! .... we made it out there in the below 50 degree weather.. till 8 30 am! ah aha! its all gravy baby! the next day we went to tree tops .. haahaha lets just say none of us could stay standing! lol i broke a vine and fell straight on my ass lol ... sarah fell god knows how lol ,... dallas hopped and lands straight on her ass lolahahahahah but the high light ... me and sarah .. and dallas .. went bobbing for apples ... the best god damn apples ever lol ... but the lady that was holding the party wasnt very fond of us doin that lol ..... oo well! its all gravy! wow taht was the funnest though soo i had a incredibal time this weekend... it couldnt have gone anybetter.... then wen i got home .. i went to din din with the family and we went to my favorite restarant! .. ThE Olve GaRdeN!! woop woop and roger had the people sing to me lol i felt soo special lol cause this time it was my birthday lol .. hehe ... then today "sunday" we are having the thanksgiving/ tatis birthday ... nite of family fun!! lol ahhah not! but u know what i get my presents today woo hoo lol .... exited! ... by the way .. "guys still suck for me!"... but w.e .. let it flow i know... love ya peoeple! .. im thumbody! lol..

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