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sinking like a stone in the sea (xxfickdieweltxx) wrote,
@ 2005-02-26 21:01:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:saves the day; freakish <3 gotta love it

    yay for gay!!!! go there bitches........omg they took y100 away from me!! do they not realize how important y100 is to me and like a million other fuckers who live here.......every fucking radio in my house is tuned to it and they dont change and its like the only station i listen to in the mad so sign the petition last nite i went to the movies with bam....haha cursed is like theeee best movie EVER haha..."we are not through yet!" yay gay! haha then we went to the mall and walked around and got something to eat...we got pizza and it made me sick lol and i wanted to buy a rufio cd but i couldnt because i didnt have enough freakin money 15.99 is a bit much for that ....we went to try on hats and sunglasses in strawbriges but some lady was all up in our grill so we couldnt stay and then nicoley called to complain about this upsetting y100 news and i got all mad again lol then on the way home bam and i played a ridiculous game of you put the - in - and most of them didnt even make sense haha.....yay jon got me a twenty twenty sticker and im so excited because now i can support my man woot woot.......i got to have the house to myself today and it was fantabulous and i took some kick ass pictures so it was a rather productive day.......i guess thats it for now


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