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cassie (xxfckxxuxx15) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 12:57:00
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    Current mood:angry
    Current music:the sound of my mom yelling about how she hates me

    on the 4th of july my mom decided she wanted to get high... so when me n her went to this party and she got drunk and high and i found out and then since my dad wasnt there she was expecting me not to tell him and shit... but then the next day (yesterday) he slapped me for no reason and i got really pissed off and started yelling at him and then she fucking took his side and started saying how i need my ass beat and that i was a bitch and all this shit so i yelled at her "u fucking bitch the reason u cant get outta bed today is b/c u went and did cocaine yesterday u fucking crackhead" and she started snapping saying how she hated me and she wishes i was dead and that i should have died when me n alen got into the car accident... so now my parents r fighting none stop and last nite i didnt even come home at all and they fucking hate me and i want to move out so badly...
    my plan is to find a job and save up like $300 and then try to get a place of my own... but since no place will rent to me cuz im only 15 i can get greg or someone to put their name on the lease for me
    all i fucking know is that im not gonna stay here... i cant
    my head hurts so bad n all i been doing is crying and yelling and i havent slept at all

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