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Jamie Elizabeth (xxdopefanxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 23:01:00
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    This is some stuff about me....
    Full Name: Jamie Elizabeth Bonk
    Birthdate: October 1st 1988
    Birthplace:Royal Oak, Michigan
    Hair color: Blonde(but won't be for long)
    eye color: green
    favorite movie:" The nightmare before Christmas" or " The Crow"
    favorite store: Hot topic
    favorite Drink: Mountain Dew
    favorite Band: Dope
    favorite Past Time: When me and danny were the bestest friends on the bus..... :(
    favorite animal: Cat
    Do you have any animals? Yes, I have a cat named Junior, and my mom has a dog named smokey
    Do you have siblings? yes I have two brothers and two sisters
    Do you have any nieces or nephews? yes I have four nieces and two nephews
    favorite things to do: Sleep, write poetry and stories, Try and practice guitar, watch Tv, read books, chat with friends, hang out with danny, go to movies and mall, Go shopping, talk on phone...
    Blood Type: positive A
    Cd that was bought recently: limp bizkit "results may vary"
    favorite foods: chinese, any kind of cooked potatoes, pizza, almost any kind of soup, dad's cooking, mom's cooking, pickles with either salt-garlic-or cheese, olives, and melted ham cheese sandwich.
    favorite perfume: Love spell
    favorite color: black( which isnt a color its a shade) and red
    favorite subject: History
    best friends: Lori, lauren, ashley hale, ashley slaughter, danny, kenneth, alonzo, joseph, la sean, chris,
    favorite song: snap from slipknot
    favorite books: looking for home, the witch of blackbird pond, summer of my german soldier, dicey's song,
    tattoos: none yet
    peircings: two in each ear and im not through getting percings
    drink: occasionally
    drugs: HELL NO
    cigarettes: HELL NO
    favorite skateboarder: bam margera
    favorite nascar driver: dale jr.
    favortie holiday: Halloween
    fears: losing danny forever, "the ring" movie, being out on my own, having a parent die or a friend,
    likes: danny, reece, walking, sleeping, other scary movies, haunted houses, blood,
    favorite tv shows: anything on fuse, 7th heaven, disney channel, mtv,
    dislikes: PREPS, rich people, school, cheaters and liers, wiggers, back stabbers, life, RAP, God and Jesus, church except the church of satan,
    favorite vacation spot: Michigan at my brothers house
    Have you ever been on a plane? yes twice I think
    Are you a virgin? yes,and I plan on staying one until I fall in love with someone that will love me back
    favorite day of week: Monday, cause I feel energetic from the weekend
    favorite wrestler: The Rock
    The first person I fell in love with: Danny
    About how many people have you gone out with total: Over 15 people that I knwo of
    How many Kids do I want: right now none, but if so maybe two one day
    Who do you want to marry? Danny or reece possibly
    The person that treated you as sweet as can be: Danny

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