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Angie (xxcrazi_babixx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 14:30:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Unwell-Matchbox 20

    God im lyk soooooooooo bored..every1 is lyk gone for vacation or sumthin, and lyk pretty soon im gonna be tha only one left here. oh well...i lyk need to get out of tha house, but..umm..i have no where to go. lol...umm i could walk down tha railroad tracks...and get those cool rocks! but ya, im not that desperate...yet...i went to sleep @ 6:21am. ya know, they dont play good shows that early. it sux, they need to for all tha people who cant get to sleep. but oh well. i watched an infomercial...well actually i watched alot. one wuz about tha alexa vogel makeup system..which costs lyk $200..and another one wuz tha miracle chopper 2000..or sumthin lyk that. and also that set it and forget it thingy. we have one of those. on ours, u can set it, forget it, and let it burn. so ya, ours isnt all to great. hmm..i havent talked to william in awhile, hes lyk my best in language arts me, him-n-karim would make raps...but they werent too great. my names fred and i lyk to get head..dont be a wussy go for tha pussy! lol ya we're gonna make it big. haha karim is left handed! i wish i could be. well..i could be, but people would have a hard time readin it. yesterday i had a big argument w/ my dad. fuck him, he dont give a damn about me. hes a fuckin dumbass who has no right to be "raising" 2 kids. raising shouldnt even be tha word im using. idk, he lyk needs to go to sum dr. and "get his life in order" or w/e tha hell thats called. psychiatrist? idk. he just needs help, and alot of it. every1 knows that, and he wont admit it. i thinks he scared to admit that for once hes wrong. cuz in his world, w/e he says is right. and hes lyk drunk every fuckin nite. and he's been doin all this shyt since he wuz lyk 13. im surprised hes still alive. and tha sad part is, he's proud of himself. he thinks hes tha best, and that he's done tha best he could in life. ya, he's achieved so many life goals. and according to him, every1 has to listen to him. well its not working anymore. i stopped listening to him years ago. cuz i dont think theres one way that he could help me in life. he doesnt want me to go to surgery, cuz he thinks tha surgeons are gonna screw up, and i can tell ya this right now, i trust tha surgeons way more then i would ever trust my dad. and he acts lyk he can control my life, and thats fuckin annoying as all hell. he can barely even control his own life. so he has got no right to take over mine. and oh ya, he only does all this to me. he leaves my brother alone. lance gets to do w/e he wants, and he wont get in tha tiniest bit of trouble. tha only thing he has to do is find a job. wow. biggy there. well im really gettin pissed off, so im out. lata

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