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Christie (xxchokexmexx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-21 12:14:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Mumble of people!

    Feeling better!
    Hey, I feel better then I did yesterday. He and I are still friends, and things are different, yeah, but we still talk, and it's not awkward. I feel better. I'm just psyched about this weekend and next weekend too! I'm in photo class and since it's not my day in the dark room, I'm stuck in the classroom...lmao this class is hilarious! There's this strange guy and he's wearing cat ears...and Jon looks at him and asks "are you supposed to be a cat?" and the guy just meows and purrs...rotfl and then Jon says "well what about your tail?" and the guy says "tail?! what tail?!" so he reaches behind him and there's his belt hanging like a tail...he dident realize his belt was hanging like that. Omg...BFDA!
    I dident eat my lunch and I'm starving. Jessica's looking at spoilers...I dont know how she can read those! Yay! The OC's on tonight! Ah, that's good stuff right there...Robyn's birthday party is not this weekend, but the weekend after and it's going to be so much fun! It's Hawaiian theme, and oh man am I ever taking pictures! Augh, I have the hiccups and Jess is laughing at me! Ok hardly anyone leaves comments, so leave comments! I dont care what they're about, me, someone else, I dont care just leave comments! You can even paste song lyrics in there I dont give a shit! Just leave me comments...I deserve will make me super happy! And who doesent want that? Well, I've babbled on long enough...I think I'll go surf something else now! Adios.

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