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BoB (xxbob18xx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 17:12:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Tupac:California Love.(Love this song);)

    May 11th

    Today was dark and gloomy out. Fun fun. Rainy. My turtles still alive. We baught somthing bigger to put him in. Hes swimming aroung inside. My moms going to drill some big holes in the cover to he can breath and so nothing will get him and ill out him in my room.Im hoping to talk to ash tonight. I got a letter from her today. Along with one for teddy, holden, and rachel. The one to rachel was harsh...good job ash lol. Im pissed about rachel...She got p-j's that are rubber duckys...the same ones i got. Rachel-give up the rubber duck stuff ok its mine. Not yours, get something else stop steeling mine. Jesus christ. Today in school was boring i didnt feel good at all. In study hall cody and shawn B were sitting next to me playing chess. Then at the end of the period me and shawn were calling eachother names and he kept calling me a 'hooker' and Im like stop calling me that. and Cody's like your a hooker..oh my fantasy. I was like cody shut up. He was kidding tho. Cody's cool. I wrote ash back today. I wrote a 2 page note with other little notes. hehe. I passed my social studies test. oh yeah.

    My turtle needs a name. If you got any ideas for a boy or girl just IM me or email me the names.

    Im gonna go now. Bye. Love me.

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