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Ami (xxblackholexx7) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 20:21:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:"Don't Speak" by No Doubt, all time fav song...(Noraz Song!)

    Im CoUnTiNg DoWn!!! (7 daiz)
    Zach: I love you!!! Only 7 days until our 2 month anna. I know what ur gettin me!!! Hahaha, n u dont know what im gettin u! lolz, ya know i love ya n i alwayz will! i hope ur feeling a lot better n i sure hope u found out whats wrong. I just want you to know that i'll love you NO matter what... n thanx for understandin the whole Steve thing... it wasnt my fault... ***tear*** Oh, BTW dont 4get what "NO" meanz!!! hehe sry had 2... ya know i love u!

    Nora: Sisters for life!!!! Yeah, can't wait till i move in... if i still do ((man, i HATE my dad sumtimez)). So, yea... ya kno ur my BESTEST friend... hehehe! So many insiderz n good timez... i love u.... SWISTAZ 4 LYF!!!!

    Jess: I dont think that u have to hang out with me EVERY day im at my dadz house, but when u make plans with sumone n then go brake them... exspecially with ur Boifriend. ***Chickz ova dickz grl!*** So next time u make planz with sumone... KEEP THEM or u'll have no friends left.

    Seth: I hope we become Best Friends again... i would REALLY like that, i miss it. Dont you???

    Those are all the shot outs for todai! Don't mind me, i think i'ma do my blurty like this now on. I had a fun dai, i had a half a day of school then i hung out with Nora n Zach n Seth... that was eventful! lolz!!! Then Zach n Seth left so it was just me n Nora. It was fun, Katie asked Nora if she could steal me for a couple of minutes n she was like "Why, so u two can get high?" n Katie was like "Yeah!" it was funni though, u had to b there. The afta that Me n Nora hung out with Gene n one of his friends!!! ((WOW! Gene i havent seen u in a while, u changed a little! Oh, n BTW u dont know me!)) And that was basically my dai... very... FUN i guess.... Love ya'll... welll sum of you atleast! HEHE i know, im just so mean when i want 2 be! :)


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