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Ami (xxblackholexx7) wrote,
@ 2004-05-03 19:30:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:"My Band" by D12... GOOD CD! you should buy it!

    So far my life is going well. It's amazing! Hopefully in a couple of weeks a will be gone, out of my grandmother's house and into my dad's. My mom made it perfectly clear that she doen't want me anymore, so i'm planning on living with me dad. I have a lot of friends over there, and hopefully i'll make new ones. I can't wait, i've been working on my new room for a while, ya know, make some final touches to make it look like it's belongs to me and it fits my personality. Just a couple of more weeks... HOPEFULLY! Let's see the only person so far that doesn't want me to leave ((who shows it at least)) would be my boifriend, Zach. But that would be obvious....
    Well, speaking of Zach, him and i are doing fine... this 19th will be our 2nd month... can't wait!!! He really knows how to treat me, and i think we really have something going on, and i think this might really work out. But will, just have to see, with me moving and all. You see, we are both afraid that we are going to 'hurt' eachother. Like he thinks that i'm going to brake up with him for some other guy. But i know i wouldnt do that because i LOVE him. And then he has this thing were he doesn't like long distance realationships, so i think he's going to brake up with me... but we talked it through, and i think we worked it out. I can't wait for this summer either. I go camping every summer, and well this summer my dad's letting me take Zach ***wink, wink*** so, yea i'm really excited. Plus i haven't seen my friend Kyle in a while, he's like my little brother... so i HAVE to see him. i just can't wait! So ya, if you didn't tell my life is going very well, i think it might be because i finally got Ryan ((the cause of all my troubles)) to get out pf my life, so it's all good! YAY!!!! WBASAP!

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