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Amber (xxb1o0dytearzxx) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 10:36:00
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    Current mood:and confused
    Current music:puddle of mudd::she fucken hates me

    uh......bored....::stares off into space:: and pissed/confused
    Hey its me again.. yea im still online..o well im bored theres nuttin to do right soo FUCKEN bored,, but o well whats new bout that? lol ne ways threres so much i wanna write n say but i dont even know how to put it and where to start really sucks sometimes.....i have a little brother and hes a little bitch!!!!!!!!I KNOW THATS MEAN BUT OMFG!! its crap how he acts at home he wont do NOTHING my mom says n hes one of the biggest perverys in the world!!!! i had two of my friends come over n shit n he was like 'WHOA U HAVE A NICE RACK" then he started callen her rack gurl. then muh gurl krissy came over n he was all smacken her ass.he is always cussin me and my mom out. i mean i would care bot ne of this if he was old but hes olny..11! 11 yeasrs old and already duz this kinda shit. my mom n i are fed up wit this shit..he fallin n school becuz hes always getten in fights of something like that at school n gets suspended for days. i mean we dont know what to do. my dad could care less.. well at least i mean thats what i think...i know my dad loves us n shit but one day he said he bout gave up on me n my bro like meaning he was gonna give up n not ever even talk to cody n i ne more.. but my mom got him to take that back... i just dont know what to do......... i have a brother that is out of control, my dad is stucks up and he has his head shuvved so far up his g/fs ass he duznt notice nothing...and my mom.....i live with her.....well.....she hsa been daten this guy for like 8months and if he says hes comen over then calls back and says that he got sidetracked n stuff and that he wont be able to make it that night then my mom goes all off n stuff n says well he dont love me ..i mean omg she never thinks ne thing good. i mean damn he said that he hadnt been seeing no one else but her .n stuff but she just doubts it all the i have ab ex step dad thats an asshole..when him n my mom were married he beat me my mom n my bro n our pets....they were married 6 or 7 years...he was an ass and now since thyrer divorced he wont leave us alone hes always comen by we had to get our numbers changed quit going to this churh we were going to n more.. i mena its just weird then last night like round 9:30pm he was riden four wheelers out n our feild.. i mena he needs to get a life......bout the only thing thats keepen me from going insane is my friends n music....i dunno ne ways i better go and get off line...or whatever ttyl!! l8terz!

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