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Ally (xxalsxx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 11:42:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:SAVED BY THE BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow! i had the best time in New York and Vermont! Had a great time it was so much fun....i saw L X G it was good, kinda of confusing but still good! Then we went to Vermont which was fun! It felt so good to go back there! It was veyr cold though and at night it was like 50 and during the day it got to be 70 or so. And they bathrooms were different then i remember then! Kinda a little gross! it was sooo funny!!! omg!! i ws like taking a really fast shower and taking like forever to get the bugs out! it was fun! i remember when i was little and Aubrie and me would look at the bugs...yeah we were weird! i like that the door is like a curtain b/c me michelle lisa and my sis got locked in the bathroom that was really scary! anyway! umm oh we got in a "fight" with these people! God they were so stupid! lol! then there was some really cute guys! um one looked like jimmy! and then dean! wow! lol! um then we left and went back to new york for one night, then went to Missy's!!! aww i looooove her house! it is so clean and neat! even the sink with dirtty dishes were organized!! what was that! lol it was fun! and really pretty! then we came home and it felt good to be back!

    Monday--started band camp! wowowoowow it hurts like murder!!! it was fun though...we went to taco bell and walmart! ok i had to hold the pole at attention for 5 min. it hurt so bad! then we learned a toss which is hard and i almost got it!

    i did the same thing yesterday! its a pain waking up at 6! yesterday we worked like crazy! it hurt! learned how to march and i need to work on that!

    today we left early!!!!! i was excited! we worked on marching! fun fun!!!!

    well i am going to see Freay Friday at 3 so i gotta go get ready and stop smelling! i haven't showered yet b/c i was praticing!!! so now i am going to shower! bye

    xoxoxoox als! bye!

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