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xunashamedx (xunashamedx) wrote,
@ 2005-01-27 10:20:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:50 Cent ft. Olivia ...."Candy Shop"

    I am sooo tired I didn't get any sleep last night..ohh maybe 2 hours or so of sleep.....I feel so drained all the time anymore....I feel like I never get enough sleep....I can sleep for 6,8,12,or even 18 hours straight and still feel like crap......I had every intentions in goin in to work today but I am soo sick at my stomach.. I have threw up all night long...I am so depressed...I don't want to get out of bed....I have been like this for 2 months now...I am goin to my family doctor today at 1pm....he will more than likely put me back on Prozac or Zoloft...I was on it before when I went through my divorce....I know that I really don't need that stuff but I have no energy and Stacker 2's or 3's are not helping me anymore...I think that I am immune to them now... I have took them so damn much.... I have lost 10pds with in the last 2 weeks.... I have went from 135pds to 125pds....I just have alot goin on with me right now.....I really don't have the gas money to make it to work....the doctor's office is just 1 min. away from my house and my job is like 25 min. I am missin work so I will have enough money to take my lil angel to gymnastics today...she has not got to go in 2 weeks....I feel so bad... ....sooo...I am gonna go shower and get ready to go to the doc...later

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