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Chelby (xtrappeddreamzx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 17:26:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:I can tell~504 boys

    *If i was down, would u say things to make me smile?*
    James and George came over today, we went swimmin, then watched a movie, then my mom took them home, then went to the doctors. She called and said when she gets home my dad is gunna have to take her to the hospital, becuz they think something is wrong with her heart. So here i am, sitting and wondering why it has to be my mom that this happened to. I know shes been sick, but honestly, her heart? why...I dont know if i can go with my dad and her to the hospital, im afraid im just gunna break down. The first person i told was James <33 i called him at Georges and told him, he just said he was sorry and said he loved me :] so that kinda made me more happy. Blah. I was having a good day, then right before James and George left my mom told me they said it might be her heart, and in that instant i thought my heart stopped, even if shes not my real mom, shes my grandma, and shes been there for me when no one else has...she's raised me and watched me grow, i cant imagine my life without her, the thought alone just makes me cry. Right now, im talking to Ronnie, Aaron, Lexiee, and Tiffy. But imma go now xox


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