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-- the only </3'd loseR you will ever neEd -- (xthisbitterpill) wrote,
@ 2004-06-04 23:03:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Raffy barking and BrandNew in my head -- good band

    Tonight was interesting --- woo wwee
    Thursday --

    last day of school!! YAY!! NO MORE MRS FLECHTER!! WOO WHOO!! Life is good!! LIfe is good!!
    WEe im soo happpy!! ((hap-pay!) But im not gonna see Sheryl as much. That sucks the most. I love my Sheryl an dim gonna miss her badly! You hear that sheryl!! Badly!! lol well im broed. Wee.

    Right now im over Dana's house. IM staying over night and then going to Berlin Day with her and meeting up with her friends. I love some of her friends. Alexis and Jamie i really click with. I have known Jamie since preschool -- i just haven't talked to her that much over the years tehe -- I have lived in winslow my whole life. I attened overbrook preschool. ((With jamie.))----(the place thats now an office - butt holes)) We both went there for two years. Shes really nice and we have a lot in common. Alexis is crazy like me. Hah - when i get in my moods around my POSSE man. Any way ic an't wait till tomorrow. Changing subjects.

    I have to get up ealier than i uausally do so i won't get to type that much more. Im also talking to Donnie and this other girl Steph in a chat. Earlier he was telling me about his school trip he went on. A midevil(ish) thing. Quite interesting. Disturbing -- but interesting. Now im sitting her wathcing their conversation, fun life i have right? Anyways im gonna post this then write my poems. Then prolly talk to Donnie some more about tomorrow. And getting to know Steph.

    what i just read :
    Ben (chavs currant boyfriend): From the brief moments in the hall to the long phone calls to the quick hi's and good bye's to the long movie nights chavonne your all i could ever want.
    omygeEz!! Im sooo jelous. Haha i want someone to say that to me. Damn Chavs your soo lucky. Love you girl! And obviously someone eles loves you too. --always a((bRok'n heaRt'd))loser --lauRenmaRie

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