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Tanyada (xtanyadax) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 18:42:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Like a Stone by Audioslave

    I'm happy, yet I'm not.
    Well was kinda my last day of finals! Yay! I woke super early today...8:00am! dang..that is super early (sarcasim here). and i met up with Louis and Corinne to study for film aesthetics. I was soo sleepy! I dont think we offically started studying until 10am. But I'm glad we were able to finish studying cause we got our shit done! Took the final, thought I did pretty good in the beginning of the test then it started asking about stuff I so didn't study and I got lost!!! Hopefully I'll do ok tho. And dangit, I got a friggin B on my dang paper! I know know...oh no...a B! ::gasp:: but it's just one of those papers you know you could have done better! If I had good grammar usage, I think I'd get at least a B+ well, hopefully the test will be ok.

    Then I had my Religion final and I got to take it online! my how far techonology has come... I'm glad I finished it though. I dont really like what I wrote, but I kinda don't care anymore...that class is so weird!! all we do is talk talk talk! watever...I just hope I pass. this quarter wasn't very fun for me.

    So here I am now writing in this so I can waste time till 7:30pm. that's when I get to watch all the documentaries in our class. i hope i did good on that documentary! I work my butt off for that thing! Even though it doesn't have as much B-roll like the other students had...I just hope my content came out right. Oh wellz.

    ok so for the "yet Im not too happy" part. All I can say is..."relationship problems"...I dont want to get into detail because I don't wanna start bawling...I've just been having a hard time at the moment. More so than ever. We've had our ups and downs before, but this is really serious. I remember back in the days when we used to fight about staying on the phone too much. i guess 2 years will really do it to ya. i dunno what to think, feel or act. I'm just a very confused person at the moment. and I dunt like it very's also affecting how I feel about myself...(too hard to explain). Well hope there are happier moments later...

    Note to self...must find pic to put up here! ;)

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