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<3 Karleena <3 (xtankxgrrrlx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 13:26:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:korn - let's do this now

    I'm in love with the KoRn CD. When I finally go shopping with my christmas $$ I'm going to buy "Issues" because I love the songs on that CD and whenever I wear my KoRn Follow the Leader shirt, Cody always tells me I have "Issues"! :P [I think it's funny!]

    I haven't been doing much of anything lately. I just sit on the computer and rot. Oh and my mom throws parties so my family is CONSTANTLY over. I've only seen/hungout with Kaitlin so far this break, and I started break on monday last week! We did take a SHIT load of pics, like 105?. I want to post some, so I might do that later.

    I thought I had a cute outfit on yesturday, I had on my polka-dotted dress, my new Demonia Mary-Janes, a skull sweater and black tights. Then I changed into my pajamas halfway through my mom's "party" and everyone was making comments. THere were like "Oh I thought you were going to have skull pajama pants" and then my mother was like "yea, well look at her shirt" and blah blah. Dicks. Then when just me, my mom, my dad, my brother, my aunt and her boyfriend and my grandpa and grandma were left, we watched poltergeist which is an AMAZING movie but not fun to watch at ALL with my family because my Aunt's such a burnout.

    My aunt also decided to tell everyone about when she went to Phish concert with her daughter, her boyfriend and my aunts son. I was just thinking "Hello? people pass around free drugs at those things!" I didn't say anything though, except to my dad. He aggreed with me :P She also told me and my mom that her daughter got expelled for having a pipe in school. How nice.

    Well, I'm really bored and this is really long and pretty damn pointless is you ask me, so I think I'll spare you from any other pointless information.

    Good Day

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