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Siberian Kiss (xsiberianxkissx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-13 13:16:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Stupid wigger kid singing.

    School is not cool.

    Right now I am in web design and I am so bored because we have a sub and there is nothing better to do since I dont reaslly have to work and I have 53 minutes to do nothing but screw around on the computer, go me. Today I got my report card thing, It wasnt too bad I guess. I mean, I am going to get yelled at for my nice F in algebra, but its not that I'm not trying, I just dont get it therefore I fail my tests and do horribly. SO here are my grades:

    Gym: A-
    Health: A
    Web Design: A-
    English: A
    Studio Art: B-
    20th Century: B-
    Chemistry: C
    Algebra: F

    I mean, look at the rest of my report card, its obvious that I am trying, I mean I would have like all F's if I wasnt, I just hope that my father doesnt make me feel like shit tonight, I dont need that. I dont need him to be an asshole to me, I hate him so much sometimes.

    and right now, there is a wigger kid pretending to shoot a gun, bobbing his head, and its really really scary. I want to punch him he is so annoying..dlhdfg.

    anyways, yesterday was intresting, I went to Jamie's house and we went to eat with her mom at the Farmer, I hate the farmer but it was nice because I got to see Josh for a few minutes, it was nice. I ate a Turkey club. well.. a piece of it, and some fries, I cant really eat that much latley, my stomach cant handle it, I keep getting sick for some reason, ever since I ate at Chelo's and threw up all over the bathroom in Barnes and Noble. SHUT UP STOP SINGING. Uh.

    ugh, people in this school are so stupid. I am really annoyed by everyone today. REALLY BADLY. I think I need a hug or something. I hope my mother remembered to order my pills, if not, thats not good. I need to start them tomorrow.

    OK, but I have to go, its last period. woot. Driver's ed tonight, not cool. OK. talk to you cool kids later.

    Much love and lolipops, Samantha.

    I love my osh :)

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