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Siberian Kiss (xsiberianxkissx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-08 18:06:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Nuts!

    ) Hello thar. I have decided to update. Lets see, yesterday was my 7 month anniversary with my Josh. yay go us. :) I have the bestest boyfriend in ze world. We hung out yesterday, we watched 25th hour, and cuddled, and we had a good time, just like always :). Then I came home, and I talked to peoples online.. and then I went to bed at 12.

    Today, I woke up, came online said good morning to Josh just like always, and then I went and got ready for school. I went to school and this is how my day went; I had Studio Art First period, and it wasnt bad, I kinda just sat there because I am ahead of the class. go me. THen I had Web design and I typed Josh a long boring email, and talked with Michelley, I barley worked on my site. Then I had Algebra and took a quiz, and then I had Chemistry and I did my lab report and handed it in, next was English and we paraphrased Shakespere, woot. I had SOS during history so that was cool.. anddddddd then I had Health, we listened to a presentation on hemophilia, interesting disease. Then I came home. I talked to Josh, kelly and michelle online, and then I got off and ate dinner and tried to do some homework, but I cant do it.. and then I went to the store and got some makeup to fix my pimples. and now here I am, and I have to off. Good day.

    I love you Josh.

    4 days until Michelle's birthday!!! woo!!

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