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corKerz (xsexilicious20x) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 17:01:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:"If you're not the one"

    alright, im really starting to get pissed off. things cant possibly be any worse then they are right now. the person i love the most in the world is slipping right between my fingers.. i can't seem to find a way to bring him back to me. i know that he still loves me, but he just makes stupid decisions and stupid mistakes. it just seems like i dont know if anything is true anymore. it's just like, everything in my world is gone. noone to love, noone to spend the rest of my life with.. my heart is broken and the only person that can fix it is the person that broke it.. my world i just a mess.. and it just seems like there is nothing that i can do to fix it. gosh, whatever.. fuck everything in this whole world.. nothing ever goes right for me, maybe i should just say goodbye to it all. but that wont make anything better.. it'll just make it all worse. but all i want is for him to hurt just like me, i want him to feel all the pain that i felt.. i want him to feel like everything is gone just because of one stupid mistake. yeah, maybe thats what i'll do. just say goodbye to everyone and everything.. maybe..

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