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Remy (xremyx) wrote,
@ 2012-03-15 00:14:00
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    Best birthday gift ever: having my entire life taken over by work.

    My job has just been nothing but problem-solving.
    Like, given a set of specs, make this shit happen.

    Today, for the first time in my professional life...
    I actually had to use my discrete math knowledge.
    I got a C in discrete math.

    I spent 10 hours at work trying to figure this stuff out.
    The worst part was when I was able to boil everything down to this:

    Delete from B where B = (The Set of C not in A)
    The fact that all 3 sets share two primary keys...
    God... what a ridiculous fucking nightmare to solve...

    Well, conceptually, it's not impossible.
    It's just turning that into an SQL statement.
    It goes from math to engineering when you realize that in round trip,
    I have to also update a field in A with a value in C.

    It's shit like this ALL WEEK.
    And my company just got bought out.
    And also, my boss's boss has apparently cemented my place in the company.
    I got a glimpse of the whiteboard where my boss and his boss
    placed the roadmap for the organization after my boss's boss leaves...

    At the very bottom it said:
    "remy - jr developer / interfaces"

    In other words, I'll continue to create interfaces...
    Somewhere between database migration and core development.
    I'm okay with that. That's fine, it really is.

    I wanna get this out of the way.
    It's why I've worked 29 hours in 3 days.
    I get this "format" out of the way,
    then I have one more MASSIVE format.

    After that, I'm done with professional services backlog.
    After that, they have a rook in their plans.

    I'll know then: am I fired, or do you have a plan?
    After a week with this new company, I'm starting to get a feel...
    If they see someone they can use to further their goals,
    they'll use them... they've already absored two people.

    You know why I'm busting my ass?
    So that I can outpace my company.

    Our parent company will either make my company
    put me to some sort of use... or will absorb me into a higher position.....
    Or fire me. We'll see..

    But I'm tired of not knowing where I'm going.
    I'd rather get laid off than not know and live in fear.
    The sooner I can get laid off or absorbed...
    The faster I can get to somewhere bigger.

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