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Remus J. Lupin (xprofesorlupinx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 07:50:00
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    Current mood: morose

    Dear Journal,

    I feel so horrible, with this bloody hangover. This why I try not to drink. Plus, I forgot to ask for the supposed 'Morning After Potion'. Peachy. Just fine and peachy. Not only did I make a fool of myself at the Ball, but I made a fool out of myself infront of many other people. I know for a fact that I embarrased the Wazoo out of Severus and Sirius, which, if they read this, I am terribly sorry. But it is sort-of too late now. The damage is done to my calm, and reserved attire. They tried to get me to bed, but I kept wanting to go back for those bedamned Muggle Animal Crackers. They should of just shot me then. Pity Miss Granger didn't have a Muggle gun located on her. They could come in handle if she didn't have her wand on her. That would have been nice if she did. I bet Severus and no doubt Sirius would of loved to cram my mouth shut with those crackers. Maybe I would stopped then.

    Well, I sort-of feel my friendship right now with Sirius is a bit strained, because of...stuff that we need to talk out. We many not even say anything, but atleast we would try. I really need to write him a letter, or something, asking if we could talk alone, while I am not pished. I might actually be able to ring around a set of normal sounding words. I also feel horrible about locking them in my room, trying to force them to be nice to each other. It has to be gradual. They think it is 'impossible'. It is -NOT- impossible, only improbable.

    Well, I really best be off. I am feeling ever more horrible than before. Maybe I can ask Albus to just let me skip the whole week? It is a Full Moon soon. And Bloody Heck. I still need to get that stronger dosage potion from Severus.


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