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*~*+!_ChRiStA_!+*~* (xpoisonthewellx) wrote,
@ 2004-02-05 11:32:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:tsunami bomb

    oh today, oi,oi,oi! well theres not a whole lot going on there is a bunch of 7th graders in here and i think their teacher is trying to make me feel obligated to give my computer up! that guy that looks like sid vicious is in here he is like 2 yrs. younger than me but he's hot! this sucks it's snowing outside I HATE THE SNOW, but knowing monroe we'll never get out early i hear the roads are supposed to be bad. we had to write this thing in 2nd block for the kids over at the elementry(spell check) and i have to draw all the pictures. i am so sick of hearing about all this art crap yeah i kinda have a talent for it and my art teacher is wanting me to do art shows and contest and the only thing on my parents minds are do it you can go to college! that word makes me sick because i know thats not what i wanna do. i wanna play in a band and tour 11 months outta the year but no i have to live in middletown one of the deadest cities in ohio, and on top of that i go to school where theres a bunch of farm kids or drug adicts! this is so crazy.....if someone plays anything let me know.

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