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*Kristen* (xpixiegirlx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 17:17:00
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    .lyrics like whoa.
    "distance makes a heart grow fonder..but honey you dont have to make me say those three words"

    "it may be a long time,
    a long time indeed
    i may not be the friend you want,
    i'm the friend that you need "

    "How come your lame ass rich friends
    All turned and ran
    When I threw a fistful of firecrackers
    In a ceiling fan "

    "Well I seen gal from east and I seen gal from west but I must confess you is
    the biggest mess yet
    With your oversized breast, undersized dress
    Give it a rest cause, were not impressed
    Take your oversized breast gal and shook dem in
    Your causin a disturbance upon the ska scene
    Gal like you coulda neva be my queen
    Could neva Selah or neither Steve
    Gal you get me ma ma madda madda mad and crazy
    Gal you get me ma ma madda madda mad and crazy
    Gal you get me Gal you get me Gal you get me "

    "Well I picked you up it was our first date.
    I washed my dick and promised your daddy that I wouldn't have you out too late.
    Then we went down [we went to a] nice secluded place
    things got heavy, it smelled like soup, but still you wanted me to bury my face

    (chorus: Menowannalikki-U, Menowannalikki-U, Menowannalikki-U down there, I said Menowannalikki-U)

    My last girl was blonde she had a real nice hefty rack [big ol' titties]
    But I nearly barfed when her pants came off
    She dont use soap, you know that bitch is whack "
    (That's the funniest song hahahaha)

    "...married girl don't you wanna
    smoke a little marijuana
    take some time and have a drink
    and think about what yer gonna do to me
    and married girl ain't you worried,
    if our love is kinda hurried
    that you'll be left wanting more
    in the time after your man has murdered me"

    "now i cry but i can't complain
    i supply my own ball and chain
    and now i'm tied tighter than the races
    so who am i,who am i to judge "

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