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kevin (xpinkyx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-25 20:22:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:evening for roses - the lone ranger

    Hey im back
    Yo yo yo

    Wow im dumb i thought my frikin journal was gone but its back.. so um yea lets review my week
    Friday i went bowling but actually didnt... I went with elliot, kevin,dereck,mike, and other people. I met shannon, krissy, kean, steve,jess a, jess g, ninette, and um if i forgot you tell me... well yea it was pretty cool cause i got to see people that make me happy ( well atleast some of them). I had to leave early though but o well people didnt want me there anyways.. ok after i slept at derecks and me him elliot kevin and steve jumped out of a barn... yeppee. saturday i went to see Evening for roses, tomorrows regrets... what a sick show.. the mosh pit was crazy actually just matt, zack and tom lol well i thought i was gonna die when dead speak played.. well other then that my night kinda sucked because i was depressed and shit the whole time god it blowed... but thanks to talisa she made my night better because she is my best friend and without her i would already be dead by now...
    well efr u rock ok sunday i had a soccer tournament it was fun i scored 2 goals and we won 2nd place... monday sunday night i was on the phone with steve till 1:30 lol we are in the talent show its gonna be sick everyones gonna love it hopefully... well monday i stayed home and today kinda sucked because "someone" was being gay to me and wouldnt talk to me god that ruined my day.... ok peace im out

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