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kevin (xpinkyx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 23:42:00
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    Current mood:Love
    Current music:The all American rejects - paper hearts

    Krissys mad cool
    krissy1219 (11:36:01 PM): like it would be cute if a guy was like "u have something on ur eyelashes" and then the girl would try to get it and the guy would be like "its still there...h/o let me get it" so when she closes her eyes he would kiss her instead
    Krissy that is soo awsome and romantic im definatly trying that even if i get slapped lol thanks pal

    Talisa - Auto response from tpnk5 (11:38:37 PM): later......

    kevo is a **whore** :-)

    Lol yea im a whore :) well your a bitch :) lol no yer not actually

    pinkySBack11 (10:38:45 PM): im going to .... rape u!!!!
    tpnk5 (10:38:51 PM): lol ok

    lol shes mad cool ^^^ u should be her friend

    Well Saturday night was mad cool i slept at matts with tom and kean... we chilled for awhile and played gamecube and then we walked all the way to ericas and hung out with erica, crisanne, and kellie... it was soooo cold we thought we were gonna die of cold...

    A car chased me and matt and threw a smoke bomb at me we booked out of there... matt was on a bike and i was on my feet and i was running faster then the bike.. lmao
    then we got home and chillled
    today matt tom and zack came back to my house we hung out and spent all the time deciding on what to do... but my dad was gay and i couldnt do anything... matt and tom left and zack stayed for a while and we played resident evil 0 and ate oreos lol

    well now idk im gonna stay up and look up eliza dushku ooo shes so hot

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