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x Perfect x Scar x (xperfect_scarx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 09:24:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Motley crue: Glitter

    When we make love
    It's hard to tell
    If your dreamin' of me
    Or someone else
    That drunken kiss
    Seems like a lie
    Don't say it's forever
    And then say goodbye

    Don't ya leave me
    Please believe me
    I only want your love
    Glitter you're my lover
    I'll have no other girl
    I only need your love

    When mornin' comes and the
    Sun shines bright
    You gonna need someone
    Someone to treat ya right
    So don't walk out
    When you wake up
    Let's give it a chance girl
    Let's give it a shot
    Give it a shot now

    Glitter, don't decieve me
    Gotta believe me
    Only need your love
    Glitter, there's no other
    You're beautiful
    I only want you

    This is fine for now, but
    Maybe, let's make a baby
    Inside of you
    It's just the time,
    We gotta find,
    I want your name
    On my tattoo
    You blow my mind,
    So tell me,
    I wanna know

    Glitter shines forever
    Forever an' ever,
    I only need your love
    Glitter, lay your head down here
    I'll always be so near
    I only want your love

    Here comes the
    Here it comes
    There goes the
    There it goes
    Here comes our love again
    Through the window out
    I only want your love

    There goes the
    There it goes
    Here comes the
    Here it comes
    There goes our love again
    Out the window

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