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.xNikkix. (xoxygensg0ne) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 12:25:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:NFG - sticks and stones cd

    Well hello my dear..
    I havnt updated in a long time so ill catch u up now...

    Friday: Practice rocked so hard!! i figured what out what im good at...serving!! i rock woooo!! only with the real balls tho..

    Saturday:Valentines day sucked, i listened to sad music and read sad poems and wore all black (which i do anyways...) but it was okay cuz torianne came over! i hadnt seen her in weeks and we had lots of fun! i also got a valentine (shawwn) I LOVE YA SHAWN! lol..

    Sunday: i woke up at 9 and me and tori played vice city..then we chilled and watched tv. later we went to my uncles house for this party thing. we hung out with danyel and was fun! we went sledding on this huge icy hill and i just kept falling off my sled and doing rolls down the hill. it was so fun!!! then we went online..

    Monday: i woke up at 1030 and took a shower...tori left at 100 and im on the computer and im gonna be all day! im so tired but i dont care..maybe i'll play guitar soon..=] thats it! tomaro i think lauren is comin over and thats gonna be a blast!

    my goals over the vacation:
    -go to the mall
    -buy a band sweatshirt
    -master the new dashboard song i learned
    -hang out with shawn for a day
    -go to the movies
    -chill with mia
    -chill with keith and shelly!
    -plan my partyyy!

    much luv!

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