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J.LuPeR (xoxluperxox) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 19:50:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:current music... ~what a girl wants~B2K

    WONDERFUL day(:
    AHHHHHHHHHH........ wut a great day!
    today started off slow but got betta has the day went on...... n first nothin important happend but n second wow chad b-n-kc-we had a TIME!!wooo... then after that i went to key boarding neva fun ... but- i got to c PARESS!!!!
    plus me n nicole planned to kick some stank booty hoes ass.. so that will b nice!then fourth was okay same old same fat man yellin at me UNTIL he sent me out of the class for talkin(:!!! yayayayaya i was so happy. so i went to ISS where me n whitney had the best note convo... and afta that i went to my volleyball game it was so much fun we played a pretty sucky team so the game wasnt fun but the b4 n afta... "OUR RAP"......dang good times let me tell u!!>then i got home and ate... i love food...! and so now im kinda bored since i did all my homework in ISS so im weriten bout my day CUZ IM SURE U CARE--wink wink--OYA... heres somethin else that happend n my day... im startin to relize that im fallin n love with a certain person HE DRIVES ME INSAIN.. wow so fine so fine... but heres the bad thing ... uhhh we dont go out .... \: but we pretty much act like its kool u dont have to worry bout fuckin shit up >somethin im pretty damn good at< ne wayz jusss feelin yall n ...

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