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Krystal (xoxkriddle) wrote,
@ 2004-10-30 15:46:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:i've become so numb .. linkin park

    ltns [(long time no see)]
    hola! hah. i haven't updated in a while.. i've been kinda busy. well let's see if i can get you up to date...

    i don't have a "crush" on anyone as of now. the guy i thought i liked.. lmao.. i don't. nd since no guys at our school are even slightly interesting, ahh, who cares? Boys. who needs 'em? ::whisper::..i do. lol.

    I haven't been bowling since I was like 5-6 yrs old nd i went with nicole nd sarah yesterday.. Oh MY god.. i rock! haha... i got like 105, i think? now that's not bad for someone who doesn't bowl. ya, that's right. we had like so much fun we're thinking of making it like a weekend thing. every other weekend, bowling nd gaming it up! WOO!

    Then... the sleepover. oh.. wow. it was THE BOMB! haha. We have so many 'inside jokes' now. lol. 'DO YOU BABYSIT HIM?' LMAO. 'Wooo.. i took it off!!!! HELICOPTER!' lol! pole-dancing!!! lmao. kissing in the air... oh yea, it was CRAZY. wow i love themmmm *sarah n nicole*

    Tomorrow is halloween nd i'm really excited. i'm kinda dissapointed tho too. cuz we were gonna go in the pink house neighborhood.. cuz i know my way around out there, it's safe, nd all my other friends are going over there too. but nicole nd sarah wanna go near sarah's house.. so we are. well i guess that's okay. it'll still be fun. i'm just gonna wear my jeans.. a tank top.. this orange halloween tie.. really long fake nails.. nd a lot of eyeliner. whatever that is. i havta be home by 8:30... nd it SUCKS. oh well..... i guess

    Today I thought I was gonna go to the movies with some people... but haha, i guess not. wow.. i feel loved. *sticks out tongue at roman* lol jk. nawww, that's alright. i REALLY wanna see the grudge tho... i asked sarah nd nicole but neither of them like horror movies. which really stinks cuz that's like my life. lol.

    ok well i guess that's all for now folks! love ya *mwah* *smooches*

    ~ xox ~ kriddle ~

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