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XoSuNsHiNeOx (xosunshine225ox) wrote,
@ 2004-09-12 19:36:00
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    Current mood:In pain
    Current music:Jimmy choo

    well i last updated monday when i gto back from vermont...nothngi really happned tuesday that i remember or Wednsday or of those days rachel came over dont really remember which one...well my cousin came um....thursday i think!:) i missed her! she is sooo pretty! well....then On Friday I went to School and me and rachel got in a fight then Justina came over and we went to the Varsity game I saw everyone from the High School it was really fun!:-D Mary and Joey started going out I'm so happy for her....yeah but i was crying cuz I thoguth Ashley was mad at me i dont really remember what happened...:-/ but then i slpet over Justinas and we hung out like losers:-p Then on Sat. we went to Natick Days and we helped out at are stand for a little then we wlaked around with some kool kids 8-) and stuff then me and jessy and molly and lauren and justina were walking back from Georges and lauren Said the funniest thing ever! she saw a car and she goes "Look, are those spinning hubcaps!?" It was soo funny! and "He gave her one!?" hahahahahaha molly! lol then we were cheering and i went up into a half and dessirae leaned forward so i fell back flat on my back from the stunt I couldnt breath at all...i was crying so much! then i bitched out this guy and girl that worked there cuz they were lie i think you should go home! and shit........then I was hanging there fro a little and my back stil hurt really bad! then Gina and Justina came over and we went to the mall with chris barnicle and andy and timmy it was pretty fun!:) we saw this realllllly hott boy! he was like wicked hott! haha then I went to Justinas house and I saw Hanum and Saani:-p Ronell was suppose to come but he was being a butt! and I saw Jusitnas Brother! oh man!
    then in the morning we had are first game:-p it was pretty fun! me and gina were captains:-D Are half time was soo good! but when i got home from the game my Back Started to KILL cuz i was doing jumps and stunts and gymnastics :( it Kills like it hurts wheni breathe but i guess I'll be fine! but Just to let everyone know! Justina is the BESTEST person ever! and I lvoe ehr sooooo muchhhh!!:-*

    Oh yeah we won are game 20-0 :-D

    <3 LyndZ

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