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PiiNk_BaBii (xolilangelxo) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 12:04:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:my love is like wo- mya

    gr8 day

    horoscope: If you make up enough excuses, people will eventually leave you alone, Pisces. A friend is hassling you to join her at something you're completely uninterested in doing. You have our permission to make up a reason why you're too busy. If she keeps bothering you, continue to make over the top excuses until she takes the hint, or just say: "I'm sorry, I just don't feel like it today." It can be that easy sometimes, too!

    omg yesterday was the bestest. me emily faerz went 2 the gall. faerz went 2 sam g00dy and me and emily went to aeropostale to meet pam and fran but they were in hot topic so i called pam*s cell and went to hot topic.yeah so after about 4 or 5 trips around the mall thinkin where to go.. lol it was the craziest hhhhaaha we had so much fun im still laughin...we did so many crzy things! io god we saw this guy, n he was hott lol he was lyk 17 or 18! we started stalkin him..and like following him EVERYWHERE he went, n we tried takin pics and evrytin..we took about 5000 pics! lol well we never got a pic up emily BEGGED fran to go up 2 him n ask him if she could take a pic of him....and she DID it! she went up to him! he was sittin in those picture takin boots..and she went up to him, and he was already laughin n sayin oh no..haha and she started talkin 2 him, sayin my friend thought he was rilly kute n she wanted a pic of him...he was all laughin n everytin..and he was like didnt u guys alreay take a pic of me lol and she was like umm No hahah omg we were all crackin up..and then he still WAS laugin..and he got up laughin n left..she was like okayy um imm we didnt get the pic......THEN we saw a super hottt guy..dang he was so kute... lol they were both wearing hats n emily took pics of him haha..and then she went up to him! n she was like my friend thinks ur kute n she wants 2 kno how old u r...he said he was six...cough::loser::cough haha lol then these ladies came out and said they said that one of us was fat and emily's like its like EMILYY URE NOT so we went to macys lookin for them so we cud give them a piece of but we cudnt find em lol they were hidin hahah.. they were chickens..haha then pam was liek upstairs and lookin for us so i answered my fone and my mom came and closed it on my ear...owwwww and shes like u dnt even sayy hi to me or introduce me to ure frenz fine ure never goin 2 the mall wit ure frenz wtvr yea she will let me. lol yeah then me and emily said bye to pam and fran and left wit ma mom 2 eat. oh yeah btwn the time of the first guy and the second i bought 3 aeropostale says boy waching, another says pool party and one say sumtin wit a w they*re so cute. yeah and then we met tom at sam goody. then we came home when we finished wit ma mom and came online and stuff. and on sat i think me dawn lizz char hana and ariel and dawn*s cuz and maybe emilyy are gna go see legally blonde 2 yayay. dawn wanted me to invite dave ahhh no... lol so i emailed him but he didnt tell me if hes gna come or no..yeah so evrything was g00d.


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